Meat free NO nuggets

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Meat free NO nuggets

Very good and cost effective chicken filet replacer that can be used in a full range of products like nuggets, sticks, cutlets, cordon blue.

  • Provides perfectly structured, fibrous and chicken like breaded analogue
  • Good bite, chewiness and juiciness
  • High fiber claim
  • Very white colour
  • Possibility to incorporate vegetables, spices, sauces, cheese, mushrooms, sliced vegetarian sausage.
  • Very quick process, can be easily produced in the existing facilities
  • Customizable according to local taste
Classic Pizzaiola Cheese Raw vegetables Frozen vegetables Curry Spicy Mushrooms Cheese & Pepper Tex Mex Ketchup Drops Mediterranean Style
NUGGETS SPECIAL EDITION AVAILABLE VERSIONS: Pop Corn, Sticks, Caesar Salad Roasted Chicken, Animal shapes, Meat-balls shapes, Snack Rolls shapes.
DIFFERENT BATTERS/CRUMBS AVAILABLE: Tempura, Crunchy & Golden Breadcrumbs, Aromatic Batters, Breaders, Gluten-free crumb, Crisp batter, Delicate batter.


Nutritional values 100 gr. Including batter and breading
Fats 8,2
of which saturated 0,8
Carbohydrates 18,9
of which sugar 1,2
Proteins 7,4
Fibers 11
Salt 1,4
Kcal 201,3

Ingredients List: Egg white, fibers, batter, breading, sunflower oil, stabilizer (E461, Methylcellulose), natural flavours, salt.


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