Customizable solution

Your needs are unique, your product should be too

Customizable solution

Viva Veg is a specialist in providing standard and customized solutions for a specific market.
To meet market expectations and supply customers with the right solutions within the shortest time frames, Viva Veg provides to customers benefits such as:

- Create multiple recipes with the same compound: eat every day a different dish!
- The compound can be used also as a filler in some other recipes
- Create with this compound 1000 different vegetarian finished products/recipes for industrial production and also in your kitchen!
- No stocks,fresh every day, just in time, just the quantity you desire
- Create your own cooking experience: unlimited possibilities to change flavours, to add vegetables, cheeses, spices, nodles and much more.
- The product can be sold under your own brand as a finished product but also to catering, to restaurant or final consumers.

Viva Veg is your valued added solution for innovation.

From the very first start of a project, Campus works closely with your teams to meet your needs and provide you solutions that are tailored to your requirements.
Complete coordination between your project and our technical staff: products have exactly the high levels of innovation and functionality you need for your market and brand attitude.

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