Vegan Chicken Alternative Slice

The good taste of health

Vegan Chicken Alternative Slice

100% vegan chicken alternative slice with nice meat-like structure, bite and texture.
Very similar to a real chicken steak, tasty and juicy.
Enjoy your burger or add it on your salad or just grill it as a fillet!

  • Tasty and juicy
  • Very quick and simple production process; can be produce in the existing facilitites (=no further investements)
  • Very good and cost effective vegan chicken alternative filet replacer that can be used in a full range of products like steaks, finger foods, Caesar salad a many more!


Nutritional values* 100 gr.
Fat20 g/100
Carbohydrates≈0,5 g
Fibers10 g
Kcal≈220 g
of which saturated≈2,00 g
of which sugars< 0,1 g
Proteins5 g
Sodium≈1,0 g
* The data are related to the use of sunflower oil as vegetable oil

Ingredients List:Base Veg B VN, Sunflower oil, Water.


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