Vegetarian Fried Bite

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Vegetarian Fried Bite

Very good and cost effective chicken filet replacer that can be used in a full range of products like nuggets, sticks, cutlets, cordon blue.

  • Provides perfectly structured, fibrous and chicken like breaded analogue
  • Good bite, chewiness and juiciness
  • Very white colour
  • Possibility to incorporate vegetables, spices, sauces, cheese, mushrooms, sliced vegetarian sausage.
  • Very quick process, can be easily produced in the existing facilities
  • Customizable according to local taste
Classic Pizzaiola Cheese Raw vegetables Frozen vegetables Curry Spicy Mushrooms Cheese & Pepper Tex Mex Ketchup Drops Mediterranean Style
NUGGETS SPECIAL EDITION AVAILABLE VERSIONS: Pop Corn, Sticks, Caesar Salad Roasted Chicken, Animal shapes, Meat-balls shapes, Snack Rolls shapes.
DIFFERENT BATTERS/CRUMBS AVAILABLE: Tempura, Crunchy & Golden Breadcrumbs, Aromatic Batters, Breaders, Gluten-free crumb, Crisp batter, Delicate batter.


Nutritional values* 100 gr. Including batter and breading
Kcal 148
Fat10,00 g
of which saturated ≈1,00 g
Carbohydrates ≈0,5 g
of which sugar <0,05 g
Proteins 7,0 g
Fibers 14,00 g
Sodium≈0,7 g
* The data are related to the use of sunflower oil as vegetable oil

Ingredients List:BASE VEG N, Water, Sunflower Oil


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